ItemTrails & Timberline, Oct. 1946, No. 334

“Trails & Timberline” was a publication associated with the Colorado Mountain Club (CMC), showcasing the natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and environmental conservation efforts within Colorado and surrounding areas. The journal featured articles ranging from detailed trail guides, mountaineering adventures, and environmental stewardship to educational pieces on local flora, fauna, and historical insights related to the region's mountains and wilderness areas. While in publication, it was a valuable resource for outdoor enthusiasts, providing inspiration, knowledge, and a deep appreciation for the Rocky Mountain landscape and the broader natural world. Through its content, "Trails & Timberline" supported the CMC's mission to foster responsible outdoor activities and conservation ethics among its members and the public. From this issue: ‘Starvation Vacation 1946’
From this issue: ‘The History of The Wind River Range by Carl Blaurock’
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