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Too Much Magazine is a Tokyo-based publication focusing on "romantic geography," exploring the interaction between people and landscapes and our collective experience of cities. Founded in 2011, it features contributions from a global group of writers, researchers, artists, and photographers to document these interactions and experiences.
A special issue of Too Much Magazine features Naoki Ishikawa, a mountaineer and photographer known for his expeditions in the Himalayas. This issue is part of a " Work " series dedicated entirely to Ishikawa's words and pictures, offering an in-depth look at his journeys and experiences in climbing the world's highest peaks from 2011 to 2018. The series aims to archive individual memories of place, providing valuable documentation of a world in flux, with Ishikawa's work highlighting the breathtaking landscapes and challenging conditions of the Himalayas.
From the pages, “K2”
From the pages, “Objects Oriented: Looking inside Naoki’s Backpack”

Cashmere Blanket: I was given this blanket by Chanel when they sponsored my K2 expedition. Camped
directly on top of K2's freezing glaciers, I relied on the blanket for the duration of the trip. Spread dit over the two mats lining the bottom of my tent, the thick blanket provided warmth and a cushion so comfortable I didn't even feel the craggy glacier surface lurkir a few centimeters below. – Naoki Ishikawa

Camp Lantern: An adjustable lantern. I had always strung a headlamp or flashlight from the ceiling of my tent for makeshift illumination, but was always left fumbling through dark corners unreached by the limited glow. In search of a better solution, I first used the Black Diamond gear on my K2 expedition, and was pleased by how the light took the former nuisance out of the quotidian pre-bedtime routine. Small things like taking vitamins, brushing my teeth, and zipping up a sleeping bag don't warrant a second thought back in Tokyo, but become an ordeal on a prolonged expedition. With proper light, I am able to move through these chores without a second thought. – Naoki Ishikawa
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