Nanga, Dinex Mug Set  with bag Only one pair available! A rare Nanga, red and black, branded set of the backpackers favorite lightweight, cute, and functional Dinex Classic mug. These mugs are lightly used, showing some signs of light wear. They come with a Nanga branded mesh carry sack, and in addition to the Nanga logo, the side of each mug reads, “Every mountatin top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”
The Dinex Classic mug, originally designed for use within healthcare facilities, first became popular among Japanese backpackers sometime in the aughts. Since then, outdoor brands throuought Japan and increasingly within the united states have realeased small numbers of special branded variations.

Nanga is a Japanese outdoor brand renowned for its high-quality down products, including sleeping bags and jackets. It combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies to offer warmth and comfort in extreme conditions. 
Product specifications
Weight per mug: 80.6g
Material: Plastic
Country of origin: USA via Japan
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