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Shigeo Motohashi founded the Motohashi Tape Factory in Yoshida, Shizuoka, Japan, in 1962. Since then, they have been manufacturing high-quality narrow fabric tapes and tape-based products used in various industries, from automotive to medical.

We’re fans of their more outdoor-oriented products and applications. In particular, their daisy chains, called “Tough Hook,” are of exceptional quality and unlike any other offering, with integrated loops woven directly into the tape weft. This creates an aesthetically attractive and straightforward appearance with plenty of utility.
Photos: Motohashi Tape

Since 2000, Motohashi has offered these original products while expanding its retail business. Items like tote bags, cases, belts, and most interestingly, a sake bottle carrying system - complete with a clip-on hinoki cedar sake cup holder.

In addition to their retail efforts, they’ve invested in initiatives and workshops to educate the younger generations on the industrial manufacturing process and product development. Young students learn about materials through crafting from a “tape kit” and creating items that can be used at music festivals (while attending a music festival themselves).

Photo: Motohashi Tape

Video: Motohashi Tape, “How to make a TAPE”

Motohashi Tape has also recently enjoyed collaborations with various Japanese fashion and lifestyle brands, from F/CE to Neighborhood. Based on the “Tough Hook” design, these collaborations retain the foundation of the product while expanding on its functions, modifying the carabiners, and integrating various branding elements into the design.
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We find it exciting to see a brand established over 60 years ago retain its core ethos and dedication to quality while not being afraid to innovate, expand its audience through collaborations, and invest in the future by fostering applied creativity.
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Motohashi, Tough Hook Ivory Tough Hook is entirely different from typical daisy chains. It has about 50 rings attached to a durable tape used in tote bags and belts. This provides an elegant and deceptively simple appearance.

Each loop is capable of bearing a load of about 20kg, which is unprecedented toughness. It is perfect for hanging frequently used cups and drying dishes after washing. When appropriately secured on either end, you can use it at night, even with large lanterns.

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