Motohashi, Tough Hook Ivory Tough Hook is entirely different from typical daisy chains. It has about 50 rings attached to a durable tape used in tote bags and belts. This provides an elegant and deceptively simple appearance.

Each loop is capable of bearing a load of about 20kg, which is unprecedented toughness. It is perfect for hanging frequently used cups and drying dishes after washing. When appropriately secured on either end, you can use it at night, even with large lanterns.
Our take
We love and use this product because of it’s elegance and versitility. Use the Tough Hook at camp, at home, or get creative and augment your favorite duffle or tote bag with a unique and versitle strap and carry system.
Product specifications
Length: 191cm
Tape width: 2.5cm
Weight: 76g
Material: 100% Nylon
Country of origin: Japan

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