Light Foot Athletics

Founded by Olivia ONiell in Boulder, Colorado – Light Foot Athletics is the result of unmet needs and the creative will to make it yourself. LFA offers purpose-built, hand-crafted items intended to meet the varying needs of carry-weight concious runners, cyclists, and hikers.

Having used their sun hoodie and cloud loft hoodie on several hikes and one Yosemite backpacking adventure – We’re big fans of Light Foot Athletics garments.

Handmade and released in seasonal drops, LFA garments playfully mix tie-die hippy vibes with the latest in warm, breathable sun protection, and performance fabrics.

In a world full of Melanzana - we love the opportunity to stand out a bit while still supporting a local maker and outdoor entusiast.

Their next drop is right around the coner, February 22nd.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram to catch it – they sell out fast.

All photos courtesy of Light Foot Athletics

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