Evernew – Tibi Tibi Sake Cup The Evernew Tibi Tibi Sake Cup is a sleek, lightweight cup made from pure titanium, perfect for enjoying sake anywhere. It's durable and doesn't mess with your sake's taste, providing an enhanced drinking experience. Made to the highest standards in Tsubame, Japan – it's a cool, modern twist on the traditional sake cup.

Evernew is a Japanese outdoor equipment brand known for its lightweight, durable titanium cookware and gear. It caters to hikers and backpackers seeking reliable, minimalist solutions for their adventures.
Our take
We love that it heightens your drinking experience just as well at home as at 10,000 feet, around the campfire, and on the beach.
Product specifications
Size: Diameter 75mm x Depth 31mm
Weight: 15g
Material: Titanium (made in Tsubame)
Country of origin: Japan
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